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Quarter Window Seals

GENERAL HINTS: Heavily chromed channels may cause a very tight fit when installing quarter seals. Make sure you use a light lubricant to make your seal slide easily.

A) REMOVE OLD SEALS: Remove your old seals. You may have to remove the door jamb to get to the seals. Remove any screws at the base of the old seal. Then, grab the old seal with pliers and pull down, using firm downward pressure with your other hand or with someone's help. Do not let the chrome come off the window!

B) CLEAN OUT CHANNEL: Clean out any rust or debris with a small wire brush being careful not to scratch the chrome. You may put a strip of masking tape on the chrome before you start cleaning to protect it. Remove any old adhesive, using a release agent. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth.





C) APPLY LUBRICANT: Apply a light lubricant or soapy water to the back of your new seal. If your model car did not have screws attaching the quarter seal, you will have to apply a small bead of adhesive to the inside of the channel. (Figure 10A).

D) SLIDE SEAL ON: Slide the window seal starting at the bottom onto the channel. Replace the screws at the bottom of the base if necessary (Figure 10B) and reattach the door jamb.



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