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Convertible Tops

A) PREPARATION: Raise the top to a good working height. Remove all old pieces from the roof rails and header. Scrape out and clean all foreign material from the roof rail frame (Figure 11A), using an adhesive release agent if necessary. You may raise and lower the top to have access to all screws and anchor pins.

B) ADJUSTMENTS: Adjust door and side windows, so that there is an even gap of about 1/2" along the top edge of the glass to the back roof rail.

C) INSTALL ROOF RAIL SEAL: Install the driver side and passenger side long straight pieces first, then the corner pieces, up to the header.

D) INSTALL HEADER SEAL (Figure 11B): Cut the sponge rubber seal with a sharp knife to proper length (if molded ends are not connected to side rails). Use an adhesive to bond it to the header. Trim the ends neatly to fit flush with corner pieces. (some front sections on certain cars are prebonded to the header, so you should skip this last step.)

E) ADJUSTMENTS: Note that the molded holes in the side rail pieces are somewhat oversize. Position the front side rail pieces laterally, so the door glass top edge enters the groove in the weatherstrip. (Note: angle of the trim on all side glass may be adjusted by inside-the-body adjustments. Please consult your factory shop manual for details if needed).

F) RECOMMENDATION: We suggest that silicone-based or water-based spray lubricant be used on all rubber pieces where glass meets rubber to prevent excess friction.

G) TO FINISH: Position the remaining side rail pieces as described in step E. Close the top before any adhesive dries, being careful that no adhesive drips out.



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